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by Antoine, translation by JeanJean| 2021| 4 comments

It was organized by Maarten Mager, a Dutchman, who, at the beginning of 1960, on vacation in Norway, falled in love with this country, and decided to stay there !
Very quickly he created the first real Norwegian tourism club: the MC-Entusiasters Klubb. With his friend Leif Arnesen, he will also the founder of the Kristall-Rally. And, finally, he was at the origin of ski joëring pulled by a motorbike and the publication of a motorbike magazine "Motorsyklisten".

The very first version of the Troll-Rally took place in 1965, in Mjosvang, in the south of Norway.
It was, and still is, a summer event. There were less than 200 people for this first edition. Close to Jotunheimen, in the mountains. The spot was, it seems, quite idyllic !

At that time, to register it was possible to write in Norway, to Alain Dutard, a very French sounding name! You will understand why there was indeed an Alain Dutard in Norway, by reading the article about, 77th edition, written by Jeff Laroche.

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message 004 - 2019 - from Yves Lavigne

Regarding the Troll Rally, I had the pleasure of participating in it in 1973 after the Brouch Rally in Luxembourg, it was on the road coming from Brittany!
In short, a hell of a good memory, except at night because it was not hot. We listened to the Finns playing the accordion around the campfire. Great travel stories.
We had driven with members of MCC Liberty from Lille. Apache, the driver of the BMW sidecar, had to turn back in Germany, causing a problem with the sidecar attachments!

message 003 - 2013 - from T. Dumas

While sorting and classifying photos in my archives, I recently came across an article by Michel Perdrix on the 1970 Troll Rally (Moto Revue du 10/10/1970, n°1997.
The French had distinguished themselves there with the best result in 125cc and sidecar and a third place for the Dragons MC.

message 002 - 2013 - from Costes

For Info, this winter at a Primus Rally in Norway I met Arna, the organizer of the Troll Rally who reminded me that the 50th anniversary of the Troll Rally will be the last week of August 2014.
I will be there as in 2011. La Fourme

message 001 - 2011 - from Dubourg Gérard

I went to the Troll Rally in 1971, I climbed the top with my friends from MC Chatillonnais, little Serge Couas, Bruno the one-legged, and all the others whose names I forgot ! It was one of my most beautiful rallies, with all that a trip like this with a bike could represent at that time, big laughs and tribulations guaranteed. The French (us) won the “Gold Troll” that year, and the party ended up by a fight with the Norwegians who were very bad losers !
Hello to all my friends from that time.

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